CVC Program

The CVC (Coordinated Veterans’ Care) Program provides for regular contact and care for Veterans and is funded by the DVA (Department of Veterans’ Affairs). MYCARE have developed an integrated care program working closely with the DVA principles of care and funded care services.
Working closely with our contracted Medical Centres and Clinics, MYCARE simplifies the CVC process and ensures that all aspects of DVA requirements for the program are met. MYCARE can manage the entire Program for any Centre or Clinic from the initial Patient Enrolment
through Monthly Patient Contact and In-Home visits by our Registered Nurses.
As with our Health Assessments conducted with Medicare, our CVC services include comprehensive Patient data management and professional report and form submission. Our team conducts all administration and nursing work required to facilitate full funding eligibility for our Clinics with minimal Doctor input required subject to Doctor’s determination for involvement.

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CVC Program